Citrus Valley’s newest parking lot adds to the school’s campus

The additional parking lot at Citrus Valley High School on Pioneer Street was open for prior to Thanksgiving break. The parking lot is available for students, teachers and the community and replaces the once home of Redlands resident, Ellen Disparte. (RICHARD BUNNER/ Ethic photo)


 The recent addition to Citrus Valley High School’s campus is a brand new parking lot in the Southwest area of the school, right outside of the gym, appropriately nicknamed “The Gym Parking Lot.”

“It’s a good idea, I think it’s good for students and traffic control,” Citrus Valley junior Jared Huff said. This is the fifth parking lot for Citrus Valley, three of which students can now park in. Hector Alejandre, Citrus Valley senior, also said, “The football parking lot is not as packed anymore and it’s good for traffic.”

The new parking lot has raised both concerns and appreciation due to increased traffic created in certain areas around the school and less in others. The route coming into the East side of the school, near Texas Street, is more congested due to barricades on connecting roadways within the parking lots.  This also alleviates traffic for those coming from the West, particularly those who drive from Highland using Alabama Street.

Doug McCasey, Citrus Valley assistant principal, said, “Overall, it has helped with the traffic situation in the morning and after school. The parking lot was in the original plans for the school about 10 years ago.  The one change is that it is now one of the areas where parents can pick up and drop off students, alleviating traffic in the B Lot because that lot is now only for staff and student parking.”  

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