Redlands East Valley’s Julia Richardson balances extracurriculars, political campaigns and more


At the age of 17, Julia Richardson, a senior at Redlands East Valley high school, has been involved in extracurricular activities and political campaigns and has achieved academic success.

Coming from a small private school, Richardson decided to join the Associated Student Body and cheerleading at REV to make new friends. “Both activities have been extremely fun to be a part of through the ups and downs,” Richardson said, “and I can truly say that they make my high school experience 10 times better. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had and the people I have met through both of them.”

Julia Richardson performing a gymnastics act for the YMCA Circus. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

Currently, Richardson is on the board for Assisteens, which is part of the Assistance League of Redlands, and has a job as a coach at Redlands Gymnastics Club.

Richardson has also been involved with the YMCA circus for 11 years. “I have made so many friends and memories and I really could not imagine my life without it,” Richardson said, “It has been the activity I have done the longest and it is crazy to think that I have literally grown up in it. It has not always been easy and I have learned to push through the challenges and setbacks, but I do not regret anything. It has taught and given me so much, and I am extremely grateful for that.”

On July 26, 2018, the executive cabinet of REV ASB (left to right: Austin Gaw, Julia Richardson, Amy Underwood, and Morgan Rapoza) takes a photo at Big Bear on day 3 of ASB Camp. ASB Camp is for current and new ASB members to bond and start brainstorming for the next upcoming year. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

Throughout high school, Richardson has also excelled in her academics. Because of this, Richardson was able to participate in the class of 2018 graduation ceremony by walking as a member of the honor court, which recognizes the top ten percent in the REV class of 2019.

Richardson performing a gymnastic act in the YMCA circus. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

During the 2018 midterm elections, Julia Richardson’s father, Joe Richardson, ran for Redlands City Council in District 3. During his campaign, Julia and her friends were involved and very excited for the upcoming election.

Richardson and her cheer team mates takes a photo with the Universal Cheerleaders Association Top Bannana. UCA top bannana is awarded to the most spirited cheerleading group during UCA Summer Camp. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

Richardson said, “He has been working so hard for so long, and it is amazing to see how it has all come together. He comes home from canvassing, a speech or another campaign event so excited and it is really the best thing to see. I have gotten to canvass for him and that was an interesting experience as well!”

Richardson and her cheer team mates works together to lift their cheer team mate. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

Richardson loves to travel and would love a job that would allow her to do so. She has visited Europe three times and looks forward to visiting again.  

“There are so many cool places I would love to visit that I haven’t been to yet,” Richardson said, “so I hope traveling is a big part of my future. I think it is one of the most eye-opening and enriching experiences!”

At the ASB banquet, Julia Richardson (far left) and the remaining Executive Cabinet of ASB (left to right: Amy Underwood, Morgan Rapoza, and Austin Gaw) takes a photo on May 23, 2018. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

In the future, Richardson plans to attend a four-year college. She is considering majoring in many different areas, including the liberal arts.

“I am very interested in social justice,” Richardson said, “but I am not sure where it will take me. Right now, I am really considering political science because it is so multi-faceted, and I would have opportunities to focus on social justice issues. I have also considered journalism because I love writing and I could express my opinions and ideas about different topics.”

Julia and her cheer team mates takes a photo with the smudgepot at the Dodge Stadium on October 26, 2018. On October 26, 2018, the annual Smudgepot game was held against REV and Redlands High  School. (Courtesy of Julia Richardson)

2 thoughts on “Redlands East Valley’s Julia Richardson balances extracurriculars, political campaigns and more

  1. As Julia’s maternal grandmother I have witnessed and experienced another part of who Julia is – a deeply sensitive young woman who values and respects all people no matter their age, race, gender, economic status, who they love, etc. She not only talks it but walks it.

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