Trends show teens abandon Facebook, flock to instagram instead


Chances are you have Instagram downloaded on some device. Most people do as well, along with other social media such as Twitter and Facebook. However, most teenagers are completely ditching Facebook in favor of Instagram.


Although the Facebook Corporation owns Instagram, only about a third of teens report using Facebook at least once a month according to a study by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and asset management firm. While Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms in the world, the main target for the corporation would be to capture the attention of teenagers in order to have confirmed users in the future, and according to Jaffray’s study, that goal is failing.

Teens seem to be more drawn to the layout of Instagram and the “cool factor” of having a more modern, youth-oriented social media account.  Instagram also has a much more pleasing logo for phones’ home screens with a nice range of colors instead of the big “F” that Facebook uses.

The primary apps used by teens and young adults are shown in a table created by Piper Jaffray.  Many teens are using Instagram more frequently than they use Facebook.

This shows that more teens and young adults prefer using Instagram over Facebook. Instagram targets the young adult market, while Facebook is regularly used by the older generation . Facebook, aside from twitter, is also the home of lots of politics, which could largely be due to the age demographic of users.

This chart by Pew Research shows that the younger end of those surveyed mainly gravitate towards platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, while those towards the older end generally prefer Facebook.

The greatest reason for teenagers’ preference for Instagram is the amount of features and modern design that Instagram has over Facebook.  “Instagram is more accessible and appealing to youth,” said Citrus Valley senior Joseph Quesada. “It appeals more to the information and stuff I’d want to see.”

Instagram’s features allow users to reach out to a much wider audience with features such as IGTV and highlights, so it is no surprise that Instagram is turning out to being the king, or queen, of social media.

“It’s popularity allows for a large platform where your content is exposed to a large audience.” Citrus Valley High School senior Brandon Saglam says about Instagram. “Instagram is a continuously updating program in which it’s able to stay relevant continuously in that it will always be relevant to the public. With the new updates, Instagram has a lot of features such as instagram stories, IGTV and story highlights. Highlights allow you to post content in different ways and experiment in different creative disciplines.”  

Citrus Valley junior Ricardo Ramos said, “Facebook is more old but instagram is more modern.”

The majority of people who will be using social media in the future are essentially abandoning Facebook, which was once the largest mainstream social media platform in the world.  

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