Guess who? Highlighting kindness on campus, part 2

Editor’s Column: Guess who?

Mia Delmonico is the Features editor at Ethic News.


November 2018

At this point in the year, students are now accustomed to the hardships and the grueling intensity of the school year. Everyone seems to be anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving break and the much-needed change of pace that is offered. As the semester is quickly coming to a close, high schoolers are evidently more stressed than at the beginning of the year and most are still trying their best to earn the best grades possible in their classes. Many are counting down the days until the break and until they are finally given a week of a little less stress and a little more relaxation or adventure. As students endure that last days before break, some rely on their peers to make each day a just a bit better or to help them forget their worries, even if it’s just for a little while.

There are several students that contribute by being kind, generous and helpful to all. This particular person though has made a great impact on their fellow Wildcats. She has also shown them that, though change is very difficult, it is also possible and that one can always make the best out of a situation if a positive attitude is always held as the standard. She is always positive and bubbly, and her happiness is contagious to almost everyone around her. She seems to brighten everyone’s day and put a smile on her fellow student’s faces.

In addition to being outstandingly kind to those around her, this student also excels in the classroom. She is always willing to help the teacher and also her classmates in any way she can. This student also uses innovative ways to productively get her work done and stay on task. She is a hard-worker and never puts in less than her absolute best effort. In addition, she does her work with a smile on her face and has a positive outlook on the outcome of what she produces, despite how difficult the path to get there might have been. Overall, she is an excellent role model both in and out of the classroom.

Notable qualities and gestures like these can make a world of difference to the high schoolers around us that may be struggling with stress. To be more like this student and others who display amazing acts of kindness, just remember, as a someone once said: “kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.”

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