zSpace trailer transports Citrus Valley students through a unique virtual experience


The zSpace trailer stopped by Citrus Valley High School on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, allowing science, computer, and ROP classes the opportunity to experiment with the new virtual and augmented reality equipment.

The zSpace trailer is a unique learning experience which has recently been traveling school to school to provide tutorials on the technology. zSpace provides students with the ability to learn through virtual reality giving 3-dimensional diagrams which students can explore.

Several classes at Citrus Valley High School, with students ranging from grades 9 -12, were invited to witness and interact with the technology first hand: Brian Hoyt and Patricia Pitts 11th and 12th grade science classes, Allen Thoe’s computer science class, Robert Harshberger and Kevin Fisher’s Career and Technical Education classes, and Alexander Gaede’s 9th and 10th grade science class.

Pitt’s science class was the first group of the day scheduled to visit the zSpace trailer. “I thought it was interesting, and I can see many uses for it in biology classes,” Pitts said.

Pitts explained how zSpace could enhance the dissection experience, but noted it served a different purpose. “It cannot replace actual hands on dissections, but it would be useful as a practice before an actual lab setting, because if they mess up it can be reset,” Pitt said. “That is something you cannot do on an actual specimen. Also they could dissect more than one type of organism.”

Students were given the opportunity to experiment with the zSpace all-in-one computers, which provide an augmented and virtual reality. “I thought it was really cool because it actually gave you a real look into the anatomy of the heart and made you feel like you were there,” said senior Melody Andrade, who is in Mr. Harshbergers CTE-ROP class.

Andrade added that zSpace could possibly improve students learning because “it gives you in a way a one-on-one type of learning with the subject and being able to literally pick apart and see the real part of the body, such as the muscular and skeletal systems.”

Here is a look at one of the zSpace trailers:

The zSpace trailer provides a traveling classroom which offers an educational experience to students through virtual reality. Using zView and a camera, whole class demonstrations can be set up with a projector or interactive whiteboard. (GABRIEL STANFIELD/ Ethic Photo)
Alexander Gaede’s biology class receives instruction on how to operate the virtual reality systems. Multiple students can collaborate with the content while wearing tracked or non-tracked glasses. (GABRIEL STANFIELD/ Ethic Photo)
Student explore the features of the zSpace technology during 5th period on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018. The zSpace All-in-One is a windows-based computer where students can interact with content while wearing tracked glasses and using a special stylus.  (GABRIEL STANFIELD/ Ethic Photo)


Instructor showing student how to manage the features of the computer; specifically how to play chess through the virtual experience. zSpace laptops offer personalized experiences and opportunities to interact with the content individually. (GABRIEL STANFIELD/ Ethic Photo)
Students navigate the interactive experience with a stylus tool. The stylus tool is one of the tools used for interaction with the content. (JOSEPH QUESADA/ Ethic Photo)



The purpose of the zSpace trailer is to provide students with a unique educational environment through cutting-edge technology.  (GABRIEL STANFIELD/ Ethic Photo)

The applications are not limited to traditional science or technology classes. The zSpace flyers being distributed at the mobile classroom expanded on the potential applications in automotive, welding, health fields, and more. “Medical imaging scans,” “ECG electrode placement,” and “Human Anatomy Atlas” were just a few of the health related software mentioned in the flyers. The flyer also highlighted “VR Automotive Expert by GTA” as “the first of its kind, 3D interactive study guide for automotive training.”

This was not the first stop in the Redlands Unified School District for the zSpace trailer. The zSpace Mobile classroom tour also visited Lugonia Elementary School in March of 2018.

More information about zspace can be found at http://www.zspace.com


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