Letter to the editor: Reader finds flaws in political correctness critique

Editor & author of “My Country Tis of Thee Analysis”:

I strongly disagree with the opinion that political correctness “silences actual discussion of ideas and strengthens people’s abilities to be dogmatic and illogical” and that it “enables hypocrisy.”

Most importantly, what kind of political speech can people NOT do under political correctness? The only things that come to mind are racism, bigotry and other forms of hate. If this is what political correctness silences, so be it. I’m glad to be living in a world where there are certain rules of decency that people–both inside and outside of the political arena–are expected to adhere to. Chances are, if you are worried about what you have to say not being “politically correct”, then there are pretty well-argued reasons why you should rethink what you are about to say. I think the “political correctness” movement that conservatives love to use as a weapon against a liberal strawman is just a way for victim-complex conservatives to justify having terrible views about the world and to push back against those who are trying to change said views.

I encourage you to expand on what exactly you mean by the certain people to whom political correctness grants immunity, as well as the kind of people that it denies the freedom of speech to. Without a culture of political correctness, I argue that the world would not be as inclusive of a diverse set of people and would marginalize traditionally discriminated-against groups, like the LGBTQ+ community and POC. If being a nice person and refusing to say bigoted things make me “dogmatic and illogical” and hypocritical, then I’m happy with being all three.

– Matt K.

Dear Reader,

At Ethic News, we encourage writers to express themselves through their writing so that they can share their thoughts and viewpoints on various topics.  In the case of opinion pieces, all perspectives that are submitted are welcome. Ethic News holds no biases towards any topic and hopes that the publishing of such articles will serve its readers as a way of becoming acquainted with the various stances that others hold.  

Not everyone will always agree with the opinions our writers put out, and we appreciate those who are so impassioned by our articles- such is the nature of some of the topics the writers touch on- that they express their viewpoints as well.  Taking note of someone’s stance and expressing concerns over it only serves to better enhance the debate upon it.

To censor any ideas, even if disagreeable to some readers, would be to prevent the spreading of ideas and viewpoints, which would be deemed highly unfair to those who do share common sentiments to the writer of such an article.  

The ideas expressed in the article entitled “My country tis of thee analysis” are an example of such controversial opinions.  We appreciate the writer for expressing their own opinion on the ideas of political correctness expressed in the article.

Ethic News is a medium where readers may take the information we upload, think upon it, and decide for themselves what they believe; Ethic News does not seek to influence any individual’s opinion.  As such, we thank the writer of the concern and hope that it broadens the scope of discussion on the ideas expressed in the article.


Ethic Editorial Board

To read the full “My Country Tis of Thee’ analysis” article, click here: ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ analysis

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