5K Redlands Dog Jog registration still open for pet owners and pooches

PHOTOS- Gabe Stanfield- editor (Oct 30- 2018 at 1-21 PM)
This screenshot from the Redlands Chamber Dog Jog website shows the course for the Dog Jog. It is three miles long and some streets will be blocked off making it a closed course. The race will start and end at Sylvan Park. (Screenshot from Redlands 5K Dog Jog website)


Dog owners looking for a local event need look no further than this weekend. The 3rd Annual Redlands Dog Jog 5K Run and Walk takes place on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. The Dog Jog is the perfect opportunity for people to spend time with their dog, get some exercise and have fun, as dog lovers will get to see all types of dogs.

However, there are a few important guidelines to consider. According to the Redlands Chamber Run website, a person should not use retractable leashes or any leashes longer than six feet simply because often times it will be hard to control a dog in the case of any conflict with other dogs or people. To help keep the course clean, it is reminded to pick up after your dog. Thus, doggie bags will be provided if needed. Dogs need to have all up to date vaccinations and must be spayed or neutered in order to participate. In addition, all dogs must have their dog licenses on them. To keep others participating safe, if dog owners have a dog that can be aggressive, it is strongly suggested to leave them at home; as such, dogs showing aggression on the course will be asked to leave and not be offered a refund. Lastly, only dogs and humans will be allowed. No other animals, such as cats, rabbits, and chickens, should be brought.

In terms of age limit, no puppies under the age of six months will be allowed to participate. As for people, there are no age limits as long as the person is able to complete the three mile course. In addition, people must be twelve years old in order to walk their dog.  However, anyone younger than twelve is welcome to participate on the course without a dog.

Regarding price, children between the ages 7 to 12 are $20 each and people over the age of 13 are $40 each.

Registration comes with a Dog Jog t-shirt for the person and a dog bandana. At the finish line, dog tags will be handed out.  Each dog will get a milk bone treat, and people will receive cookies.

For those interested in this event, registration and more information is available here: Redlands Chamber 5K Dog Run

Participants can also register the day of the event, prior to the start time. Keep in mind that no racers will be allowed to participate without a signed waiver.  

This event is entirely for fun in hopes of raising money for the Redlands Animal Shelter. That being said, those participating don’t have to be in the best shape. One may walk or jog the whole way, it is totally up to the person.

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