Redlands East Valley defeats Citrus Valley by a large margin to win Grove Bowl


Redlands East Valley Wildcats faced off away against Citrus Valley Blackhawks in Hodges Stadium. Wildcats were hoping to continue their winning form coming off a win against Carter High School, whereas, the Blackhawks were coming off a loss against first-place Cajon High School. This would be a tense matchup as Citrus Valley’s head coach Kurt Bruich would be facing his former team Redlands East Valley making this a high stakes matchup for Redlands dominance.

Here is a look at the game:


Early on it could be noticed it would also be a battle between the student sections as whenever either completed a play or made a hard tackle the stadium would erupt. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Redlands East Valley senior quarterback and offensive team captain Myles Herrera looks for a pass as he avoids a tackle from Citrus Valley defensive tackle Jonathan Belmontes.     (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
After making the reception Redlands East Valley wide receiver and running back Isaiah Holiness                            attempts to gain yards as Citrus Valley defense closes in on him.                                  (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley wide receiver senior Jesus Guzman would be matched up against cornerback senior Ebony Williams who would effectively defend him as the score at the end of the first quarter would be 0-0. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley cornerback sophomore Gary Johnson attempts to block Redlands East Valley field goal attempt by kicker junior Kapena Kamakawiwoole who would miss as the ball bounces of the post. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


Citrus Valley running back sophomore Ty’jhon Belton receives the ball to then immediately be tackled by a Redlands East Valley defender.                                   (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


Citrus Valley running back junior Adonis Melton tries to find a way through the resilient Redlands East Valley defensive line. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Running back Adonis Melton escaping Redlands East Valley defense as he goes out wide. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Redlands East Valley running back Isaiah Holiness looks back as he runs the ball into the end zone making the score 21-0 Redlands East Valley in the lead before halftime.                   (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley drum major senior Anika Kisling leading the marching band as they perform at the half. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
The color guard accompanied the marching band in their halftime performance. Senior Natalie Rose pictured in the lead of flag line. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Redlands East Valley’s Isaiah Holiness would be a thorn in Citrus Valley’s side the entire game as they struggled to find a solution for him. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley would continue to fight as they would then score two touchdowns in the third quarter. Citrus Valley running back Adonis Melton pictured with the ball as Redlands East Valley defenders rush him.  (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley safety senior Diamond Ferguson attempts to tackle Redlands East Valley running back senior Manuel Castaneda. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Manuel Castaneda would manage to slip the tackle and gain the first down for Redlands East Valley. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Redlands would later respond to Citrus Valley’s sudden comeback also scoring twice before the end of the third quarter making the score 35-14 Redlands East Valley still in the lead. Redlands East Valley wide receiver senior Jalen Livingston catching the long ball in open field then taking it to the end zone to score as Citrus Valley cornerback sophomore Gary Johnson tries to chase him down. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


Citrus Valley would continue to fight despite being down 49-14 in the fourth quarter. Citrus Valley running back junior Jordan Garcia-Frye fighting for every yard as he muscles through the Redlands East Valley defenders, eventually being taken down as a third defender tackles him. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Despite the loss, Citrus Valley still celebrates their last home game as it was also senior night for both football and cheer. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Redlands East Valley leaves the game ecstatic with a current record of 6-3 hopeful of another win against their next opponents Redlands High School on Oct. 26. Citrus Valley adding a loss to their record is also now 6-3 as they go up against rivals Yucaipa who they are tied for third in the Citrus Belt League. Citrus Valley faces a table fight away as Redlands East Valley hopes to gain another consecutive Smudge Pot victory.

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