Line Webtoon offers free online manga for comic lovers


Line Webtoon is a free website and app that allows authors and artists to share their creativity through comics and manga. The authors either draw their own art or work with other artists to create their stories. Readers have a wide variety of genres to read, including comedy, fantasy, romance and much more. Some of the stories have longer chapters with more to the story added each update, but some have shorter chapters for those seeking a quick read. Readers can show their opinion by rating the Webtoons and leaving comments.  They can also subscribe to a Webtoon for easier access to it and receive notifications when it updates. Some Webtoons update weekly, which is something to look forward to at the end of a long day. Readers can see the comics and their

popularity sorted by genre. Below are three of the most popular Webtoons in three different genres.

Top comic for the romance genre is “Let’s Play” written by Mongie

“Let’s Play” is about Sam, an aspiring game developer. Her future career takes a turn for the worst when Marshall Law, a popular gamer, posts a video with a bad review of her first game. When Sam thought it couldn’t get any worse, Marshall moves in next door to her. This Webtoon follows the weekly adventures of Sam and her dog as she struggles with social anxiety and her love life while trying to get her reputation as a game developer back.

The top comic for the drama genre is “I Love Yoo” written by Quimchee

“I Love Yoo” is about Shin-Ae, who is antisocial because of her past. She was treated terribly by all of her classmates after her mother took her sister and left her with her dad. Shin-Ae is used to a lonely life, but when her friends want her to go to a party, she gets more attention than she wanted. An unexpected event at the party changes her future.

The top comic for the fantasy genre is “UnOrdinary” written by Uru-chan

“UnOrdinary” is about John, who goes to an ordinary school in an ordinary world; however, he is the only one without a power. Most people in this world have special powers. People with higher level abilities are higher class and more respected than people with lower level abilities. With no powers, John is the most bullied in the school, so he has had to learn to defend himself without any powers.

Webtoons are a fun way to pass time that can be shared with your friends and can even help you meet new people. You can download the app for easy mobile access, or simply go to the website online.

Some of the selections offered on Line Webtoon.
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