Review: Three movies from a different perspective that will make you cry


PHOTOS- Gabe Stanfield- editor (Oct 2- 2018 at 8-48 PM)
Movie posters for “Inside Out,” “A Dog’s Purpose,” and “Searching.” As of Oct. 3, 2018, all of these movies are available to watch in theaters or through streaming.

Enthralling plot, lovable actors and actresses and those characters that bring out the emotion in you are all reasons why we incline towards certain movies. Some films will stand out clearly due to an original element. “Inside Out,” “A Dog’s Purpose” and “Searching” are all films that have an unique perspective, and they all entail a high possibility of crying.

“Inside Out,” produced by Pixar Animation Studios, is extraordinary in that it captures the viewpoint of a teenage girl from her emotions, portrayed as characters inside her body: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust. These emotions are there to direct and support the main protagonist, Riley, as she undergoes immense challenges while adjusting to a new life in the city. After Sadness and Joy are disconnected from Riley’s control, Riley is left directionless with only the presence of Fear, Anger, and Disgust, who struggle to keep Riley happy and guided properly. Watching Riley live under the control of Anger, Fear, and Disgust shows the effects of those emotions not only on that particular person but also on the people they love as well.

Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s book, “A Dog’s Purpose” showcases the life through the eyes of a canine dog.  Audiences get to experience the world as a dog sees it, as well as the strong bond between an owner and the dog; however, “A Dog’s Purpose” doesn’t just focus on the life of one dog, but actually many different breeds of dogs. The film centers around the concept that a dog will get adopted and live their life, but after it dies, that same dog is reincarnated as another breed of dog. Thus, the dog then lives another life with another owner and will repeatedly come back as a different canine breed once the dog dies. Over the span of fifty years, a dog, voiced by Josh Gad, experiences various purposes as it serves an unique purpose to each of its owners in need, whether it be assisting them in jobs, comforting them in high-stress or daunting situations, or by simply being a playmate.

Films about people haphazardly disappearing are generally quite popular and successful as they appeal to audiences looking for a thrilling, suspenseful story. “Searching,” recently released in theaters on Aug. 24, 2018, is about father David Kim, who is trying to adapt to life without his wife who died of cancer. Although his 16 year old daughter Margot lives with him, she occupies her time with schoolwork. Once Margot goes missing, he has no choice but to search through her computer, which reveals things about her that he had no clue about. “Searching” is told from a computers perspective, revealing what sites David goes on as well as his facetime calls and text messages, truly making this film a one-of-a-kind. Despite this movie being one of the more tame movies, it still has a strong emotional appeal as a dedicated father fights to find his daughter.

These movies are perfect for those looking for a good cry, while still having a heartwarming ending.  As Sadness says in “Inside Out,” “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”

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