Shout out to National Custodial Workers Day

National Custodial Workers Day, celebrated each year on Oct. 2, is a reminder to thank custodial staff for keeping our school sites, work spaces, and campuses beautiful year-round. (Maggie Snavely/ Ethic photo)


Oct. 2, 2018 is National Custodial Workers Day. This day deserves an acknowledgment of all of the hard-working adults that keep our campus looking nice and clean every day.

Sometimes the custodians on campus get overlooked and are forgotten. In reality, they are by far some of the most hard-working people on our school grounds. We need to stop and think about how different our campus would be without them. They keep our bathrooms clean and stocked and make sure we can eat our lunches on a clean table.

Citrus Valley High School on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018. Students are welcomed to a clean and beautiful campus each morning, in great part due the behind-the-scenes work of custodial staff. (Maggie Snavely/ Ethic photo).
Mike Roque, Citrus Valley High School custodian (Bella Espinoza/ Ethic photo)

Mike Roque, part of the custodial staff at CV, states that one of his favorite parts of being on the Citrus Valley campus is “being around a great staff and student body.”Most of the fun events we go to have to be set-up and picked up by somebody. They are there before we arrive at school and after we leave. So maybe when lunch is over we can turn back around and pick up that piece of trash on the ground, even if it is not ours.

They are not just there to pick up after us. When you pass them in the halls or quad give them a friendly smile. Say good morning when you see them on the way into the school. Chat with them as they pass by you at lunch. Then after lunch pick up the mess and throw it in a trash can.

Roque also says that his least favorite part of his job is “cleaning off chewing gum around campus.” If we have the option, why not make their job a bit easier and appreciate that they are there. Take time to think about how hard they work every day. And make sure that that gum ends up in a trash can while you are at it.


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