School districts revamp ROP programs


Online classes have been up and running for three years now and the ROP program decided to update their system and add their own curriculum to an online provider. The online classrooms are similar to a google chat room and have 24 hr. access.

The classes are offered at multiple districts, including Redlands, Colton, and Yucaipa. There are many advantages to utilizing the online classes. They meet the A-G requirement for any UC school and allow students to get ahead and receive extra credit.

After taking the class online, students are allowed to decide whether they want to keep their grade on their transcript or withdraw within ten days because they disliked the grade they received.  However, if a student takes the class during their third period, which is the only time the classes are offered, their grade will automatically appear on the transcript.

The classes that meet the A-G requirements are: Introduction to 3D Modeling, International Business and Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences. Classes like these allow students to choose from a variety of options and still meet the specific requirements.  

ROP class sign for Mr. Paramo’s Law enforcement and CSI class ( MIA DELMONICO/ Ethic News)

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