A&E Hangouts: Chaca Tea sets the bar for boba

Chaca Tea Bar is located in the Albertsons shopping center in Redlands. Local Redlands residents can also order their favorite frappes or teas to be delivered using the DoorDash service. (Maggie Snavely/ Ethic photo)


Chaca Tea Bar is a drink bar located on east Redlands Boulevard, which makes it a great after school snack. Chaca serves milk teas, flavored teas, frappes, slushies, smoothies, and even mini cakes to go with them. You can also add multiple different topping to go in your drinks, like honey boba, fresh mango, ice cream, and many other unique toppings. One of the most popular orders is milk tea with honey boba and is a cheap affordable price. Chaca also gives you a stamp card with you first order and they give you a new stamp on your card every time you buy another drink until you stamp card is full, you then can get a free drink next time you come. The atmosphere in the shop is very nice and calming and is a perfect place to listen to music while doing your homework with free Wi-Fi. The staff is very friendly and always greets you with a smile when you open the door, leaving you with a desire to come back again.

Pictured above are milk tea with honey boba and Oreo cookie frappe. Many flavors at Chaca Tea Bar can be served either iced or hot. (Maggie Snavely/ Ethic photo)
A sea salt caramel with boba drink waits to be picked up at the counter. (Dorian Neighbors/ Ethic photo)

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