News brief: Keeping music and art going in Redlands


Music Changing Lives (MCL) and Hartlis Apparel hosted “Ball 4 A Cause” on Friday, Aug. 31 at the Redlands Community Center from 6 to 9 p.m.. In an effort to promote art and music, several local artists, pro basketball players, and celebrities attended this celebrity benefit basketball game.

Josiah Bruny, CEO of MCL, was quoted in the Redlands City News stating, “I want to thank my staff, board members and everyone who answered our call to come out and Ball 4 A Cause.  It’s vital we bring awareness to the issues affecting our youth and community, and I’m grateful for those who see the need and vision and want to get involved to bring change. In the words of Helen Keller ‘Alone, we can do so little; yet together we can do so much,’ and I truly stand by that.”

The event also featured a tour of MCL’s art lab and studio, where fans had an opportunity to record a short shoutout for MCL and Hartlis Apparel.

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