Guess who? Highlighting kindness on campus

 Editor’s Column: Guess Who? Highlighting kindness on campus

Mia Delmonico is the Features editor of Ethic News


High school is a phase that, quite simply, brings us together and simultaneously divides us at the same time. Its meaning varies greatly just by who you ask. Some may say that they are sure it is to be some of the best years of their lives, while others will just as quickly answer with, “Is it summer yet?” Whether students are thrilled or struggling with the idea of returning to school, each and every one has to go through their year of high school. Though this idea may be difficult for certain students to grasp, there are some people and experiences that truly make it worth the while. Despite what people may be going through, there are always some people who seem to do everything they can to make each day better. Whether this is a simple smile, a short conversation, or maybe even a sincere note, all have the capacity to make a day a little bit better. Though some of these students might not even realize that they are helping, the positive impacts that they have truly make all the difference.


School is officially back in session and we all have to prepare for the immense amount of effort it really does involve. We quickly regain the recollection of little sleep and high stress within the first couple weeks of school. This transition can be extremely difficult for some or even most students. As for this, many rely on their peers for the simple and yet meaningful aspects of the day which allow us to forget the stress for a minute or two. Some may say that it is because of this that they made it through the rest of the day or even week with a positive attitude and a grasp of hope that things will improve.

There are many students that assist in being kind and helpful to all. This particular person, though, has made an immense impact on their fellow Wildcats. He truly exemplifies what it means to stay optimistic. He spreads positivity everywhere he goes and always has a smile on his face as well. He is sure to make anyone laugh and might even brighten outlooks on certain things. In addition, this person is truly a friend to all and displays qualities that are encouraged by leaders of the school. Whether it is a short conversation or a quick smile, his happiness is truly contagious. This student can make any day better in an instant without even realizing it. He always is willing to help other students if they need assistance in class. In addition, he is extremely honest in his work and will ask for help himself if necessary. Also, he is very respectful in class while asking certain questions. Outside of class, this person is always kind and welcoming to all as he hangs out with several groups of people. He also welcomes others into his friend groups as well. Thanks to people like him, many kids are able to escape the somewhat harsh reality of high school and go about their days with a positive attitude.

Simple acts or qualities such as these can make all the difference for the better. As Napolean Hill has said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” This shows that even the smallest things can have the biggest impact on others. What you may consider small, may be considered great by the person whose life you touched.  

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