Opinion: Lacrosse provides a solution to students seeking extracurricular activities


The Redlands Unified School District has a goal for all students to be involved in extracurricular activities. This is the main motivation for the wide promotion of clubs through events like club rush. However, not all students are well suited to the freedom offered by informal clubs, and many cannot find a club they like. A similar problem is faced by those who try out for sports like football but are relegated to the bench for four years.

Lacrosse may provide a solution. A combination of soccer and hockey, it is a contact sport without the restrictive cost of an ice rink or the exclusion brought about by the popularity of sports like football.

Lacrosse is played with lacrosse sticks, which have nets at the end that are used to grab and pass the ball. With four defenders, three midfielders, and three attackers, the game can be played on turf. A spring sport, schools usually participate in local lacrosse tournaments due to a shortage of other schools that participate in the sport. One event Citrus Valley and Redlands East Valley high schools could participate in if they had lacrosse teams is the Pacific Lacrosse Festival in San Diego, which hosted 175 teams from nine states this June 22 to 24.

Lacrosse has one of the longest and most noble histories of any sport; it was based on a Native American game called stickball that is played mostly in Canada. Games between villages would last for days on fields that were sometimes miles wide with players switching out often. As Europeans continued establishing settlements in North America, explorers saw the games more often.  In 1865, the first modified rules were used to play games in Montreal, and Queen Victoria’s compliments led to a massive popularity growth. Lacrosse soon became the national sport of Canada, and today there are 685,000 youth players in the United States.

Lacrosse could be a solution to the problems faced by many students in finding extracurricular activities. The rules of lacrosse are fairly easy to learn, and with a history as noble and long, it has demanded respect. We could continue to ignore this majestic and unique sport or we could act to bring lacrosse to our schools.

For more info about lacrosse and possibly playing the sport check out the link:

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  1. Riverside unified just approved and implemented its first season of lacrosse last year! Many would love to have RUSD start a program !

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