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Magazine ‘Bella Grace’ shares tips for improving one’s day


Whether you’re having a bad day or things just aren’t going your way, it’s the small things you notice throughout the day that make you happy. During bad times, it’s important to notice all the things that can make you smile or feel better. These things can be as simple as seeing a friend’s smile or the school serving your favorite breakfast.

The magazine “Bella Grace” is all about feeling good about yourself. It inspires readers to focus on simple kindness, and teaches them that the most important type of kindness is the one you direct towards yourself. This self kindness is all about loving your body image, finding ways to embrace your individuality, and looking for the little things in life that make you happy.

Below are three recommendations inspired by “Bella Grace” for focusing on self-kindness.

  1. Try activities that help turn your insecurities into strengths.

Try to remember Christopher Robin’s advice from Winnie the Pooh, “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  Sometimes the things you don’t like about yourself are the only ones that are visible to you. Once you don’t see them as flaws anymore, they tend to disappear, and you become more positive about the way you see yourself. Even better, you see them as a sign that you are beautiful and unique, and that’s certainly something to be proud of. If you walk around proud of who you are, people will only see how strong and confident you are.

“A flower does not think about competing to the flowers next to it. It just blooms.”

Zen Shin

  1. Look for the little things.

15 year old Angeline Carter writes in “Looking for the little things” that, “In high school so many of us act like we’re too cool for just about everything. We’re supposed to act like nothing impresses us. What a sad way to live that is!” To be happy we need to let ourselves see all the things that bring us joy. It could not matter less how “small” or “stupid” you think those things are. If you think that they can bring you any amount of joy, then enjoy them! To help herself see and appreciate all these things more, Carter started a journal to write them all down. You may start writing these things down and find moments later that you are on number 107 of small things that catch your eye during the day: reminders that no matter what’s happening those little things will always be there making you smile. In Carter’s notes she writes things like “number 3, when the crosswalk changes to go as soon as I walk up to it” and “perfectly cooked french fries.” The cool thing about such a concept is that different things bring different people joy. It could be “number 1, plopping on my bed after a long day, number 8, listening to rain pitter patter on my bedroom roof, number 79, when I walk into a public restroom and nobody’s in there.” You can either choose to ignore these, or acknowledge them and appreciate them while they are there.

  1. Bad days happen.

Now this doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days. Bad days are just part of life and can be tiring, sad, long, or just plain suck. However, it’s days like these when noticing those small things are the most important. They won’t make miracles happen or grant your wishes, and sometimes they can’t just turn your day around, but they will certainly try. Then at some point you’ll give in and say thank you to all those tiny joys in your life. So don’t let them go to waste, never stop searching for them, and treasure them forever. You never know what you’ll find.

“Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in every day. It’s just up to you to find it.”

– Unknown

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