REV PossAbilities Club to host first special needs prom


On Friday, May 25, Redlands East Valley’s PossAbilities Club is having its first special needs prom. It will be a day-long event for all students with special needs. Also in attendance will be football, baseball, choir, video production and ASB. This is to ensure that all the students feel included in this memorable high school experience. All of the special needs students are invited and Erin Herbert, REV special needs teacher and prom organizer, hopes “all kids have a date and get to go.” This new dance is extremely innovative and is expected to be an annual event.

Several of the students are looking forward to attending the special needs prom. One of these students is Heily Seghers. She says she wants “to go because it will be fun and I like prom.” In addition, she also added that she “is excited to go.” In order to make this special event possible, the kids have had to brainstorm ideas on how to raise money to bring the dance to life. They sold pies to help raise money throughout the first week of April. This event will contribute to some of the kids’ most memorable moments of high school.

Also, there are some students with special needs who will be attending this event with a job to fulfill. Having something to focus on during certain situations helps some of the kids avoid anxiety. Carlos Barbo will be taking pictures on this special day. He says “it’s easier to go when I have a job.” This outlet allows all of the students to be included and be a part of the prom.

Whether the students are there to help out at the dance or to simply have a great time, it is evident that there is excitement to attend. Its success is expected to be high and with that, an annual event will most likely come of it. Overall, the special needs prom is an opportunity for students of many different backgrounds to involve themselves in campus culture.

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