A&E Hangouts: Redlands Screams for Nicho’s Ice Cream


NichosThere have been many new ice cream shops opening in Redlands, and one of the newest is Nicho’s Ice Cream. This is a great location in downtown and has amazing ice creams with a variety of different flavors. The prices are very affordable, with half-off deals on Wednesday and other deals for every day. One of the popular flavors is caramel. It is not like traditional caramel ice cream, as it also has crunchy cookies in it, making this version a great twist to the classic flavor. If someone is not a fan of ice cream, they also have fruit bars, and some are even vegan friendlyNot only do they have regular ice cream, but they also serve smoothies, special fruit drinks and more. The prices range from approximately three to five dollars. The shop even has a retro Mrs. Pac-Man machine for customers to play on while they enjoy their frozen treats.

Address: 204 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373

Group size: small and large groups

Seating: outside and inside

Overall rating: 5 out of 5


Categories: A&E

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