A&E Hangouts: “Wok in” for the food, stay for the hospitality


Wok In Cafe is located in Downtown Redlands and is known for the authentic taste within their Chinese food. Wok in Cafe is a great place to go with friends whenever. The employees are always nice and very welcoming. It is a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant on State Street next to the “Sweet Memories” store. There are many different traditional Chinese dishes and the Cafe is always accommodating. The facilities are very clean and the food has a home cooked feel to it. The price range depends on the order size, but most dishes are under ten dollars. Along with the food, the cafe serves boba drinks, although they’ve been referred to with mixed reviews throughout the community. They also have a lunch deal from 11-4 pm, that ranges from 8-10 dollars. There’s more great news too, they even deliver! So next time you’re in Downtown Redlands, give Wok in Cafe a try.


Address:  26 E State St Redlands, CA 92373

Group size: Individual or small/ large groups

Seating: indoor or outside

Overall rating (out of 5): 4       

Categories: A&E

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