Baseball Star Dylan Fashempour commits to University of Massachusetts Boston


Dylan Fashempour exhibiting his commitment to University of Massachusetts Boston.

Dylan “Fash” Fashempour is a star baseball player at Redlands East Valley High School. He has played for four years on the varsity team and is now taking his talents across the country to the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Fash is moving to Boston in order to fulfill his dream of playing college baseball. He is driven by his knowledge that “only seven percent of high school players end up playing in college” and his love for the game. Fash chose the school because “it’s such an amazingly beautiful city with so much history in it.” The move also brings him closer to his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, which he called a “big bonus.”

Fashempour said that he was looking forward to “the overall college experience” and “living in Boston.”  

Behind every great athlete comes a great support system and for Fash that support has come in the form of his family. On his decision to play college baseball, his mother Stephenie Fashempour, she said that “it was a little difficult at first but I wanted him to make a decision based on what was best for him. Walking around the campus I just knew it was a perfect fit for Dylan.” She added, “The entire Fashempour family is excited to see Dylan achieve his goal and while his mother can not be at every game she can still cheer him on by “streaming the home games online so we can still be at his games and I can still be his number one fan.”

Info graphic, created by Madison Isaeff, displaying Fashempour’s baseball stats.


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