Citrus Valley Mock Trial team reflects on award-winning season



Photographed (left to right): Rhiannon Scary, Jessica Lopez, Jaylen Loza, Makakley Montano, Megan Dinh, Emiko Miller, Ester Esho, and Serena Cuellar                                                      Not photographed: Isabella Toovey, Madeleine Thomson, and Andy Essa

After receiving the honor of being county semifinalists, the Citrus Valley Mock Trial team has yet again been recognized for their success. At the 2018 Mock Trial Awards Ceremony, Citrus Valley team members were recognized for their talent in nearly every category. Team co-captain Esther Esho received an award for Pre-Trial Defense Attorney and Prosecuting Attorney. Isabela Toovey was awarded the Pre-Trial Prosecuting Attorney award, along with a Defense Attorney award. Makaley Montano and Rhiannon Scray also took home Prosecuting Attorney awards. In addition to Rhiannon Scray’s achievement, she was also presented with the Coach’s Award for her dedication and her willingness to take on two attorney roles and a witness role. The team’s two-seasoned witnesses were also recognized for acting abilities: Madeleine Thomson, co-captain, with the Prosecution Witness award, and Andy Essa with the Defense Witness award. Not only were these individuals recognized, but also team artist Ashley Fretz earned second place in the courtroom artist competition and is now eligible to compete at the state level.

After one of the most successful seasons the team has ever had, coach Chris Carrillo is confident that the team will only grow to be even more successful. The team plans to continue an off-season practice schedule in order to ensure their place at the county finals and hopefully earn the interest of prospective members. Following this season’s success, the coaches and team members intend to return with a greater determination in order to have an even more auspicious season.

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