REV WAY encourages you to be yourself


You. There is no set definition of the word “you.” This is because it is a word completely unique to each individual person. Everyone has their own personality, style, hopes, dreams, interests and many more qualities. That is why “you” is such an important piece to the REV WAY. The students and staff are encouraged to embrace who they are and use their talents and qualities to positively impact their community and the people around them. They are also encouraged to do the things they love while still aligning their actions to the rest of the REV WAY principles.

There are many ways to exemplify who you are on campus. You can express your interests by getting involved in clubs and other organizations at school. You can also try out for sports on campus and attend school events. Through these activities you can become more aware of the people who are interested in the same things as you and be able to connect with people more easily through shared passions.

Another reason that “you” is so important is because it shapes the Redlands East Valley community’s identity. Each and every student contributes their unique qualities to the school. Without this there would not be much diversity present. It is encouraged to be who you are and to contribute to the good of the school community.

Overall, the REV WAY was created to get students excited about school. It has created a sense of pride by raising standards and creating goals that have been and will continue to be met. “You” is included in these standards because without each and every one of us, the goals set would not ever be met. It is because of the initiative of students and staff alike that have allowed the standards to be more than just another set of rules to follow. They have become the reference to which we look in times of crisis but also in times of happy reflection on what has been accomplished.

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