Audience wins as Blackhawks and Wildcats battle for laughter in Comedy Sportz match


Citrus Valley High School senior Matt Klimper referees the Comedy Sportz match hosted by CV versus Redlands East Valley.

Few clubs require the ability to be fast thinkers, witty and comedic all at the same time. Yet when looking for something entertaining to watch in the evening, spending money on seeing a Comedy Sportz match is never a waste.  

On Thursday, Nov. 16, eager audience members from all around Redlands gathered in the Blackhawk Theatre at Citrus Valley High School to watch hilarious students from Redlands East Valley and CV battle for laughs and applause.

Viewing each player onstage making jokes and keeping the score on a wire kept the audience on edge as each team continued to fire puns like bullets at each other in the joke war.

Throughout the first half, refereed by CV junior Kobe Darby, audience members roared with laughter watching games like “Yay, Boo,” “Forward, Reverse” and much more. REV players like Zackaria Aburajab and Austin Gaw kept the audience intrigued with wacky characters in scenes about dill pickles, chicken nuggets and rom-coms about sinks.

The half was closed off with a knee-slapping game of “Hey Waiter” in which an audience volunteer goes onstage and tells the players “Hey, waiter! There’s a (blank) in my soup!” These blanks are filled with eager audience suggestions, and players come up with puns on the spot that relate to these suggestions. The most memorable joke of the game was one made by senior Jackson Montiel of CV. When a member of the audience suggested “horse,” Montiel dropped to the floor, as he “had been waiting for the suggestion horse since [he] joined Comedysportz.” When Montiel made it to the playing field, he gave a very long speech on how the plural of horse is “heese.” This moment was very important to him, because around the Blackhawk Theatre Company, there has been a long debate on what the “true” plural word for horse is, and Montiel has been a substantial supporter of “heese” from the beginning.

After the speech, the audience’s response was absolutely mind boggling. On one hand, the members of the BTC were screaming about the debate. On the other hand, audience members who have never heard the term “heese” before exploded with laughter at the bizarre word. With a “heese” three-point bonus, the first half was closed out with a 40-27 point lead for CV.

In the second half, CV referee Matthew Klimper ensured each player did not commit any brown bags or groaner fouls while dishing out points to the red and blue teams. REV players, led by captain senior Gavin Duran, played with all their might against CV’s award-winning team. As he and REV juniors Maha Quadri and Ethan Manansala improvised a scene in “Forward, Reverse” of walking the dog under “THE bridge,” Gavin elicited laughs by going back and forth between his scene paddle-boarding with his dog underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

CV’s strongest team game for the second half was “Stage Directions,” a game in which the players do a normal scene, and the referee stops them every once in a while to give them a random stage direction from any script. With random actions being spewed at them, the actors somehow were able to incorporate them into their scene, prompting absurd events to occur, leaving the audience in tears of laughter.

Common suggestions from the audience for the players included dill pickles and competitive knitting who attempted to knock the players off their game. Yet it seemed that these players were built for any scenario.

As the night came to a close, the scorekeeper “Mr. Voice” announced the final score, 55-53, CV leading out the night. 

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