REV WAY inspires more accountable academic careers

Editor Column: REV WAY


Being accountable means that people are expected to justify actions or decisions. This situation comes about a lot in the average high school setting. An example is when someone makes a bad choice and tries to avoid consequences through lying or other means. This often happens, and as a result the guilty student ignores their responsibility of being accountable. In this instance the student resorts to scapegoating their peers or even simply denying any involvement in the act. These are common results when a teenager gets caught doing the wrong thing. This why accountability is so important and why it is the next principal portion of the REV WAY. It is an essential goal of Redlands East Valley High School to teach students the importance of being accountable so that they are ready for whatever life throws at them.

One of the most important reasons students should have accountability is because it can help them later on in life. The way they respond to situations and react to certain things is a great reflection on how accountable they are. Future college professors and employers will be looking for high accountability in all of their students and employees. This is why the REV WAY implements this standard in their set of expectations. The staff put these expectations together in hopes of improving the future success of each and every Wildcat.

Despite this, having accountability is often difficult as a teenager. Students desire to do what everyone else is doing and often find themselves in tough situations. It is up to them what they choose to do when they find themselves in these predicaments. If they choose to be accountable they will be honest and take responsibility for their actions. They will also try their best to resolve their mistake in any way possible and try to improve their future. They will learn from their mistakes and do what they can so that they do not make them again.

Though this is a major part of being accountable, there is also another important aspect. This is a crucial part of being responsible and dependable in everyday life. This is shown through school-life as well. If students are accountable they will do their work on time and to the best of their abilities. They will not think about whether it will be checked or graded beforehand–they just do as they are instructed. In addition, being accountable means that people can depend on each other. Whether they tell a secret or ask for advice on something, they are giving their trust and in return are hoping for loyalty. With this trust comes responsibility to be devout to the other students who have put trust in someone.

At Redlands East Valley, both students and staff alike work each and every day to improve their accountability. They have realized how important it is and have succeeded in the start of increasing it throughout the school’s population. Students are learning from their mistakes and are continuously evolving to become more accountable people.

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