Citrus Valley ASB creates unforgettable homecoming


Saturday, November 4, 2017, was Citrus Valley’s homecoming dance at the Riverside Fox Theatre. The theme for this year’s formal was “eminence,” meaning fame or recognized superiority.

When ASB member Rebekah Barker was asked why they choose this idea she said, “When trying to find an idea we look up common themes that would look good. We write them down on the board and talk about theme saying what will work and what won’t work. Out of our top picks, we vote, and Hollywood was the theme we chose this year.”

Caricature drawing of Redlands East Valley junior Yancy Martin and Citrus Valley senior Kara Winters. Photo by KARA WINTERS

The Fox Theatre lived up to student expectation for the chosen theme. If one was to head up to the “VIP” room, one would find two tables with a different caricaturist, a type of artist that makes cartoon parodies of people. At the dance, there were also several poker tables and pool tables that students were allowed to use for the whole night.

Citrus Valley senior Magan Lee was asked what made her last homecoming memorable. She responded, “It was memorable to me because being a senior in high school this is one of the two dances we will have this school year and it was one of the last dances I’d be spending with my friends in high school. The whole environment of the venue was fantastic from the music to hanging out with my friends.” This was a common sentiment amongst all of the Citrus Valley student body.

DSC_0336 (1)
Homecoming king and queen, seniors Ethan Bell and Dayja Oliver, were announced at CV’s Oct. 27 football game half-time show.                                                       Photo by BRANDON SAGLAM


A week before the event occurred, CV students got into the homecoming spirit by having a spirit week related to the theme. During the week, the students dressed up for the daily theme. For example, on Wednesday, the spirit day was “copyright” day during which the students twinned with their friends.

On Friday, it was the homecoming rally, Fall Fest and homecoming football game against Yucaipa High School. At the game CV’s homecoming queen and king were announced, the winners were Daja Oliver and Ethan Bell. Although the CV Football team suffered a disappointing loss at the game by a score of 62-14, the CV student section was still there to cheer on their school.

Overall, many can consider homecoming a success for Citrus Valley ASB.

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