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Monthly subscription boxes are the perfect gift to give to yourself and others


A fun new trend has come about, and it’s finally something everyone can have fun with: monthly item subscriptions. But what are they exactly?

Every subscription is different, but they allessentially revolve around sending out items every month (or few months), whether it be clothing, makeup or whatever your interest may be, with monthly payments that all vary in price. Before you make your next order, here’s what to know before subscribing.

  1. How do I know what I’m going to get? – For most subscription boxes, you can visit the website and see a preview of what’s to expect the next month or what shipped the month before. Most websites also have social media accounts where they post future shipments as well.
  2. How much do they cost? –  Depending on what you order, the prices vary. For example, $20 per month from Boxycharm can get you four to five full-size skin care or makeup products that are name-brand. $12 per month can get you a new pair of trendy socks each month from Sock Club.
  3. What if I want to return something? – With the majority of items, particularly clothing, companies will gladly accept exchanges. As for items such as candles or arts and crafts items, it’s not as likely they’ll accept returns.
  4. They make great gifts – In the hustle and bustle of the world we live in today, most times we find ourselves running out of time or not having enough of it when it comes to hand picking gifts for a special someone. Monthly shipments are quick and easy gifts, and they even come in boxes, which are perfect for wrapping.
  5. There’s a box for everyone – Whether your hobby is knitting scarves or makeup, there’s hundreds of subscription boxes to chose from. Don’t want to pay every month? Most companies offer the option of paying months in advance or even annually.

Ready to make your next subscription? Here are some cool options you can try.

For the Fashion Fanatics …

Sock Box ( $12 monthly ) – Receive a new, fun pair of socks every month and exchange your size if they don’t fit.

Stitch Fix ( $20 monthly ) – Receive a monthly shipment of five clothing items tailored to your personal style and budget.

Shoedazzle ($39.95 monthly ) – Get a new pair of shoes every month tailored to your style. The best part is, you can skip a month subscription if you need to without having to cancel the entire subscription.

For the Beauty Gurus…

Birchbox ($10 monthly ) – Try an assortment of name-brand beauty products ranging from makeup to skin and hair care with Birchbox’s monthly shipment of sample-sized items.


Photo by – This Birchbox from October offers a variety of seasonal beauty items ranging from hair care to makeup

Beauteque ($15 monthly ) – Receive an assortment of adorable korean-based beauty products or pay the same price and receive nine different face masks every month instead.

Boxycharm ($20 monthly ) – Receive five full-sized, name-brand beauty products every month. To subscribe, there is a short waiting list that can last two to three weeks, but shipment of your products occurs at least one week after being admitted from the waiting list.



Photo by – This $12.95 Quirky Post Box offers three items with pair of socks, an enamel pin and a surprise item every month

Geek Box (prices vary) – For the comic book and sci-fi fanatics, Geek Box offers three to four comic book or sci-fi items such as plush collectables, posters and comic books with their Geeky Box Lite shipment ($8.49 monthly). They also have other options that offer more, different items such as the original Geeky Box ($16.99 monthly) or the Geeky Box Kids ($22.99 monthly)

Hygge Box ($14 monthly) – The perfect box to pair with a cup of hot cocoa and a Netflix binge, this subscription offers the comforts of cozy socks, candles and even cookies just to name a few.

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