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New Downtown Redlands Boutique LimeLight helps teens find the perfect dress for their formal nights



IMG_0516.jpg“I just want to say that Jenny and I are so excited for the students to not have to drive further. Now they’re able to stay in the community.” – Zulma McGuire, owner of Limelight Dresses.

New girl in town Zulma McGuire recently opened a new boutique in Redlands with her best friend Jenny Guzman. They share the determination to provide the perfect dress for teens for their dance occasions and take part in making their nights perfect.

IMG_0515.jpgQ: How is running a new boutique in Redlands?

A: It’s amazing! The best part of the boutique is just enjoying seeing the high school students come in and get a prom dress or homecoming dress. It’s a big part of your guys’ lives. This is, you know, your senior years. So we just enjoy the customers, we enjoy the students and it is actually our most favorite part.

IMG_0511.jpgQ: Where are you from?

A: I am originally from Apple Valley. I moved to Redlands about seven years ago, and I’m here to stay. I love Redlands! And Jenny is from Las Vegas and lived there all her life.

IMG_0512.jpgQ: Welcome to the city! What is it about Redlands that you love?

A: It’s a small community feel. To be able to interact with kids at school. It’s just easy to communicate with the community. There’s farmer’s market and the floats for prom or homecoming. I mean, where I went to school we didn’t have that. It all got taken away because of crime.

IMG_0510.jpgQ: What is it about homecoming and prom dresses that inspires you?

A: Just being able to see the students transform from what they regularly are, students in casual clothing. To just transforming and looking amazing. You know, not being in your teens anymore, being more of a young adult. I think it’s just pretty amazing. It’s the night that you guys all live for.


IMG_0507.jpgQ: How do you find these clothes to put in your shop?

A: Jenny and I travel to different designers that come from New York, sometimes other states. Some are here from California. So we just try to reach them to see what’s in and what’s the new style for the following years to come. And then we pick up what we believe what would be flattering to the students in a very careful way to fit the school’s dress code.

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