A&E Hangouts: Cheesewalla melts Redlands dwellers’ appetites and hearts




Cheesewalla, which roughly translates to “cheese guy” in Bengali, is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the Orange Street Alley, a paved park decorated with Instagram-worthy wall art and vintage-style outdoor siting. It is a cheese lover’s heaven on Earth, with nearly everything on the menu being served submerged under a liquified pile of different types of cheeses. Cheesewalla’s most renowned dish is its cheesesteak sandwich. Eager and salivating fans particularly love the grilled cheese sandwich creations that include, but are not limited to, BBQ mac n’ cheese, pepperoni pizza and loaded baked potato. Cheesewalla also produces side-dishes such as loaded french fries and Tater Tots. The restaurant serves cheese-less alternatives to their usual selection for those who may be lactose intolerant but still want to indulge in this downtown Redlands staple. The savory and delicious tastes of the food at Cheesewalla make it a hotspot during Market Night, so grab a group of friends and make a fun and cheesy Thursday night out of it!



Location:  Orange Street Alley, Downtown Redlands

Address:   5 E Citrus Ave, Redlands, CA 92373

Activities:  Outdoor sit-down fast food cheese cuisine

Group size:  Individual, pairs, large or small groups

Pet friendly:  Allowed, but not recommended

Price range:  Under $10

Overall rating (out of 5):  5


Categories: A&E

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