Can you find where these letters are on State Street? Redlands photo scavenger hunt




R: It’s a place to meet on the corner of State Street.  Across from a place for snacks is a nice spot to relax. Here in this place is a mural to face. Music is played here by artists we hold dear.

E: A stop to shop. Your looks won’t flop. Next to a quaint, small money swap. The shop is not named after rock or pop but rather the color of a water drop.

D: A home goods store with so much more has many ornaments to explore. After Gourmet Pizza proves quite the score, this shop tends to have what you’re looking for.

L: This spot serves treats, both frozen and sweet. Here you can meet as well as eat while looking out upon State Street. But be quick if there is heat.

A: In this building of brown brick lies many choices for a food skeptic. In this building you will find the perfect meal you had in mind. If outside seating is your pick then go right in and there you’ll stick.

N: So cleverly placed behind the seed, this clothing store is what you need. If through its doors you shall proceed, the kind employees will not impede. And for its name, if bees misread you will be overwhelmed by a buzzing stampede.

D: In this store meant for the young lies many outfits that are hung. From low to high, there is a large supply of items pleasing to the eye. If you are still unsure about this rant then think about what makes a plant.

S: If you start a legal journey in which you may want to call an attorney, the team is just inside so come on in and do not hide. To finish off this scavenger hunt this letter is from Homan and Stone to just be blunt.

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