CVHS’s Career Center ensures student success



The halls at Citrus Valley High School reflect the school’s CLASS motto: Character, Leadership, Attitude, Scholarship, Service. The Career Center helps students with these goals. Photo by GABRIEL STANFIELD



For students who are not familiar with the Career Center, it is an office that provides many resources like academic support, career preparation, college preparation, and Regional Occupational Program opportunities. Their operation hours usually vary, but are mostly open during lunch and after school.

Students may think, “That’s it?” In reality, there is much more to it. Although a resource center may appear boring to most students, it is actually quite beneficial.

A few of the things that the career center provides help with is preparation for college.  Mary Peña and Deborah Severo, Career Center counselors, often offer workshops to discuss topics like college grant applications, host mock senior interviews, and even invite guest speakers from various colleges.

Aside from college planning, there is also career exploration. The Career Center provides presentations for industry highlights, employability rates, and labor market demands. On some occasions, there are seasonal job application workshops during lunch.

While Severo coordinates college workshops, Peña manages ROP in the office. ROP is a career-readiness program that allows students to take classes such as medical terminology, emergency medical response, crime investigation, marketing, and culinary arts on campus. It gives students the opportunity to explore different career options before college and counts for credit at local community colleges.

If students are ever nervous about an upcoming interview, confused with college applications or curious about anything career-related, Severo and Pena are available during lunch in the Career Center.

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