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Welcome Fall with these new men’s fashion trends


It’s finally that time of the year again: fall. The leaves are changing, as well as the trends. Here are some of the season’s hottest incoming styles for men that are guaranteed to be attention-grabbers.

A Classic Biker Inspired Look.



Jacket available at AliExpress for $29.99. Photo from AliExpress


Leather is very in this season. From leather jackets to grunge boots, it’s sure to turn heads. To get this style, try bomber jackets, black skinny jeans, graphic tees, and chelsea boots to get that rustic biker vibe. Or, try switching it up with a pair of leather Oxford shoes and plain sweaters and layer with a leather jacket to get that biker-Bohemian twist with these earth-tone colors.

A Street-Styled Look

Street-styled looks have been particularly trendy this year. To get this look, try some athletic sneakers paired with a hoodie, ripped skinny jeans and a bomber jacket. This outfit gives protection from the cold but with a street-inspired style and a hip-hop flare.



Bomber available for $29.99 and jeans available for 39.99 at H&M. Photo from Pinterest


A Denim-On-Denim Look

More ‘90s styles are being incorporated into modern style. Try this look with a pair of ripped, light blue, slim jeans with a matching jean jacket, any color shirt and a neutral hoodie. This outfit offers a classic style with a modern twist.



Jeans similar to these are available for $39.99 at PacSun. Photo from Pinterest


A Cozy-Chic Look

This East Coast style pairs a tweed brown trench coat with a pair of faded blue jeans, a wool sweater, white canvas shoes and a scarf. To get this look, try a pair of light washed jeans and a cool toned trench coat to achieve that New Yorker, sophisticated look with a cozy twist.



Photo from Pinterest


A Rustic-Inspired Look

To get this outfit, try a cozy flannel, dark blue jeans, and some chestnut brown boots. This outfit is inspired by classic lumberjack attire but with modern city adaptation.



You can find flannels like this one for $29 and boots like this one for $120 at Abercrombie and Fitch.


Welcome Autumn with these trendy Fall styles.

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