REV WAY Wildcat standard unites school


By MIA DELMONICO, Features Editor

To be a Wildcat at Redlands East Valley High School means to be a part of something much more than just a school. It means to be a part of a family united with a common goal. This goal is to take part in the milestones of teenage years as students participate in school events and learn new things each week. While it is up to the student how much school spirit they have and how much they choose to be involved, the majority exhibits so much pride that there is no mistaking the fact that they are Wildcats. Each and every student who attends REV receives the honor of being named a Wildcat. With this name comes the responsibility of having fun throughout high school as well as following the REV WAY and its expectations.

There is a reason that Wildcat is a main part of the REV WAY. This letter signifies the importance of balancing the stress of classes and extracurricular activities with the fun school events and experiences offered on an almost-weekly basis. This is not to say that it is okay to drop everything just to have fun, but it does imply that balance is good and is almost always necessary to be truly well-rounded as a student. This provides a sort of escape from what could be overbearing during the school day for some students while still allowing a connection to the school and its community by attending sports games, theater productions, pep rallies and school dances along with anything else imaginable that unites REV students.

There are many ways to get involved and enhance school spirit. One of these ways is through attending sports games as well as participating in art and academic programs. Students display their pride by sitting in the student section, better known as the Litterbox, where they dress in school colors, paint their faces and cheer along with the school chants. Another way is by taking part in school spirit weeks and being enthusiastic during and throughout the school day. Having a positive attitude allows a more beneficial learning environment where students are engaged and interested in both the concepts and their peers.

Wildcat also means that all students are united. This union ensures that all students are equal and have the same opportunities to succeed, whether they take advantage of them or not. The unity at Redlands East Valley High School is unique and is part of the reason being given the title a Wildcat is so significant.  With this title, students should represent their school positively by exhibiting the qualities gained through the process of following the REV WAY.

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