Hydro Flask Fever: Citrus Valley students carry their water in style


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Hydro Flasks, water containers that are advertised to keep water “icy cold for up to 24 hours,”  have been a huge trend around Redlands. The Hydro Flask company already sells their bottles in a large array of colors, but the charming aspect of them is that people can decorate them to their own liking.

At Citrus Valley High School, students have been joining the trend and personalizing their Hydro Flasks in extremely creative ways. A trend that originally began by athletic students in order to stay hydrated when they are in the sun all day, the Hydro Flasks have made their mark all around campus. Many students have one simply to keep cool in the hot summer or warm in the chilly fall and winter.

At CV, students can be seen with different-colored Hydro Flasks and stickers that allow them to express their personality. Along with expressing personality, the decor can show off every day aspects of the student’s life, from the places they eat to the types of clothing brands they wear.

For example, CV students can be walking around proudly with an Augie’s or Vans sticker on their bottle. Some Hydro Flasks even have stickers from the colleges students plan on attending.

Gabe Stanfield, a freshman at CV, says he would like to “splatter paint on [his] Hydro Flask because it would be completely different than [others’] average Flasks.”

Even though not all students decorate their Hydro Flask, they are still a popular trend around Citrus Valley and the Redlands community.

Hydro Flasks belonging to CV seniors Fallon Judy (white) and Valerie Warren (orange).
Hydro Flask belonging to CV junior Hector Alejandre.
Hydro Flask belonging to CV freshman Gabe Stanfield.

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