Meet Redlands East Valley’s new choir director



Last year, Redlands East Valley High School had a bittersweet goodbye to the previous choir director Rita Stevens and a warm welcome to Ramon Cardenas, the new choir director. Mr. Cardenas grew up in Chino, CA where his love for music started with his family, especially on his mother’s side. After high school, he went to Biola University in Mirada, CA where he received his Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching. His first high school he directed at was Buena Park High School. He was the choir director there for only two years before seeing the opening position for a new choir director for REV.

Proud to Be a Wildcat


Cardenas chose to teach at Redlands East Valley because not only does he enjoy the short commute, but he also admires the musical past the city of Redlands has. “The students were all welcoming and the school is great,” he said. He cannot wait to see REV’s choirs grow and succeed  in music through his college-level lessons, musical theory, festivals and competitions. He is excited and happy to be part of REV and be a Wildcat.

Outside of school, he is the choir director at the First Congregational Church of Riverside and sings in a professional choir in Orange County. His favorite types of music are pop, classical, and musical theater. If he could play any instrument besides the piano, it would probably be the cello. Interestingly, he has a tattoo on his right arm which has a forest with a white wolf howling at the moon. He says it represents that time is fleeting so one should make the best out of it, and how an evergreen can withstand harsh weather and still be green.  

Hobbies and Interests


Cardenas, when not busy teaching Wildcats music, would most likely be spending his time playing piano, solving a puzzle or going to the gym.  He also enjoys eating sushi and solving jigsaw puzzles.


He decided to become a choir teacher because of his love for making music along with the inspiration he obtained from his own high school choir teacher. The thing he loves most about his job is working with students and watching them succeed in their goals. He believes what makes his choirs strong are their tightly-knit family of members and their goals that they constantly aim for. He loves REV, and his students make him feel welcomed here. His goal for the choirs this year is to go on tour and for his students to know music at a higher level. His future goals for his choirs are to go on an international tour and to be recognized across the United States. As of the time of publishing, their next scheduled concert is the Evening of the Arts on Nov. 8.


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