Redlands East Valley’s new club Cantabile raises spirits in nursing homes through song


What are some common words that are often linked to nursing homes? Some of the most common answers are “seniors,” “gloom,” or even “solitude.” According to the dictionary, nursing homes are private institutions that provide residential accommodations with medical support, aimed to the elderly. They are not often known for their cheerful aura. However, Cantabile, a club at Redlands East Valley High School, is determined to change that.

Cantabile is a musical group that rehearses in order to host concerts for senior citizens at nursing homes. Its primary purpose is to raise the spirits of the residents in these private institutions and senior citizen centers. Also, it is designed to raise student awareness of the lives of other citizens that teenagers often are not exposed to.

The definition of cantabile is “in a smooth singing tone” and is meant to relax those who listen to their music.

“I am happy to see that many people who don’t have much of a musical background are willing to come to even play the triangle. When we perform for nursing homes, we are ready to give it our all and leave the place a happier one than when we entered.”

The current members express satisfaction with the group and are excited in the preparations for their first performance of the year on Oct. 14 at Miller Manor Nursing Home Center, a local nursing home in the Inland Empire.

New members of almost any skill level in music are welcomed and encouraged to go to room C114 on Tuesdays 3:00-3:40 after school. Their interest in helping improve the atmospheres of seniors, and receive community service hours as a bonus, does help improve the community’s perspective of nursing homes and the elderly in general. Hopefully this idea will spread and create more happiness to everyone. Like Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.”

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