Wildcat Club Rush week offers options for involvement


Clubs came out for lunch the week of Sept. 18 through 22 at Redlands East Valley High School in order to spread awareness of their purpose.

The goal of the Speech and Debate Team is to compete in speech and debate competitions. The club is advised by  English teachers Eva Shinnerl and  Stephen Verdon. Photo by TATUM MAPES
Doug Porter, REV math teacher, advises the Heal Club. The purpose is to meet and learn from medical professionals in the community. Photo by TATUM MAPES
Advised by Spanish teacher Mike Celano, Interact Club’s goal is to provide students with an opportunity to serve the community. Photo by TATUM MAPES
Compact Club’s goal is to give students the opportunity to get experience in the local business community. The advisor is biology teacher Andrew Hoch. Photo by TATUM MAPES
The goal of Engineering Club is to create an interest in engineering for students. Physics teacher Emil Radoi is the advisor. Photo by TATUM MAPES
Key Club is an international service organization that is affiliated with the Kiwanis Club of Redlands Morning. The club is advised by English teacher Eva Shinnerl. Photo by TATUM MAPES

Below are other clubs available to students, according to the REV Associated Student Body (ASB) list of 2017-18 clubs.

Black Student Union (BSU), advised by English Learner and ethnic studies Duan Kellum, seeks to spread cultural awareness and provide a dance club for all.

Cantabile, advised by music director Brian Hollett, uses music to help those who are suffering in the community.

Catholic Club, advised by math teachers Juliann Ford and Christie Luther,  is to help other grow in faith while serving the community.

Christian Club, advised by math teacher Scott Washburn, unites students through fellowship.

Comedy Sportz, advised by drama teacher Kathy Johnson, is a competitive team to advance acting skills through improvisation

Engineering Club, advised by physics teacher Emil Radoi, is a competitive club that deals with a variety of different engineering topics, competitions, and careers.

Ethic News, advised by history teacher Vanessa Aranda, uses journalism to entertain and inform students, parents, teachers, and the RUSD community.

Equality Club, advised by AVID coordinator Jana Bailey, promotes suicide awareness and anti-bullying by emphasizing equality regardless of religion, sexual orientation, or race.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) presents athletes and coaches with opportunities for church fellowship.

French Club, advised by French teacher Jennifer Baldwin, provides an environment for students who are interested in or are learning about the French language.

Gender Equality and Empowerment Club, advised by Shinnerl, spreads support and awareness to all genders at REV.

Investment Club, advised by math teacher Chad Golob, teaches financial literacy skills and helps raise money for charity.

Junior Statesmen of Redlands East Valley, advised by English teacher Ed Berman, promotes civil debate, community involvement, and learning the democratic process.

Latin Club, advised by Latin teacher Steven Cruikshank, encourages interest and activities in classical arts and Roman culture.

LGBT History Association (LGBTHA) educates on past and current social issues pertaining to the LGBT community. Advisor is Duan Kellum.

Make a Change club, advised by English teacher Jennifer Munoz, brings awareness and encourages help to those who are suffering or who have suffered.

Math Club, advised by Ford, provides math tutoring to students.

Nature and Ecology Club (Nat-Eco), advised by counselor Shana Delmonico, seeks to educate on the state of the planet’s ecosystems

Pacific Culture Club (PCC), advised by football coach and Link Crew teacher Kurt Bruich, celebrates Pacific Islander culture

REV Poets Society, advised by math teacher Jackie Hernandez, teaches poetry as an outlet for problems.

Sign Language Club, advised by Kellum, spreads awareness of sign language and deaf culture.

Spanish Club, advised by Celano, holds activities to learn more about Hispanic culture.

Thespian Society, advised by Johnson, promotes and advances excellence in the theatre arts.

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