CV’s comedic musical brings multiple plots to life


Citrus Valley High School’s Blackhawk Theatre Company opened “One Man, Two Guvnors” on Sept. 14, 2017. The show, directed by Ron Milts, is a comedic musical about a man who works for two employers without either knowing about each other and takes place in 1963.

The show takes place in the city of Brighton located in the United Kingdom. The main character Francis, played by senior Matthew Klimper, is an uneducated man who loves food and works for his two employers. Francis gets whisked into an outrageous twist of events as he attempts to keep his employers from discovering his secret. As he attempts to relieve himself from his job-related stress, Francis also deals with an emotional roller coaster, as he must choose between the new woman he loves, Dolly, played by Lindsay Ray, and his deep passion for food.

There are also many different and interesting sub-plots. One of his employers, Roscoe Crabbe was actually his twin sister, Rachel, played by Cassandra Carranza, because Roscoe was killed. Sophomore Jack Sennett played Francis’ other guvnor, Stanley Stubbers, who killed Roscoe Crabbe. Stanley also happens to be Rachel’s boyfriend. If that was not too difficult to follow, another love story lays as yet another sub-plot.

In order to set the scenes, the scenery was flats painted to look as if the characters are in a market square overlooking the Brighton beach.

The show’s music was performed by a skiffle band, where actual instruments play onstage. The performances were beautiful, “The Brighton Line” was by far the show stopper. Not an audience member left not having tapped their foot along to the catchy tunes. All choreography was done by senior Sarah Wilson. Sophomore Tala Otine states, “It was hilarious! Everyone onstage was so talented and energetic. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.”

In conclusion, the actors were perfectly over-the-top, just like they were intended to be. Anyone who got the chance to see this amazing show surely left still giggling over the shows’ hilarious actors and fantastic sets.

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