Wildcats suffer disappointing loss against Yucaipa





Yucaipa High School’s Thunderbirds defeated Redlands East Valley High School’s Wildcats for the first time in 13 years. This game was a let-down for many REV students who traveled to Yucaipa for a hopefully easy win. The final score was 27-43.


REV students dress up in Hawaiian gear for the #SANDBOX. Photo by STEPHANIE AGUILAR


The Wildcat offense scored three touchdowns by seniors Gabriel Clark and Billy Bowens as well as sophomore Brandon Wells, which were answered by six from the opposing side. Junior Myles Herrera managed to score two conversions for REV, as well as become the overall team leader in yards gained.

While the game ended up being a huge loss for REV, the first half was very close and kept fans on the edges of their seats in anticipation for the next play. However, the energy did not last, as the Yucaipa Thunderbirds celebrated their decade-long comeback with a long, proud march out of the stadium.


REV and YHS teams line up at the 50 to congratulate each other on a game well played. Photo by STEPHANIE AGUILAR


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