Towing threats loom over skeptical staff and students


Despite weeks of bulletin reports threatening towing, Redlands East Valley High School staff members fail to agree on the implementation of such a threat.

“All students who do not have a parking pass…could be towed after September 11th,” the bulletin reads. Will this actually happen?

Some are skeptical.

“No, I don’t see [Redlands East Valley] towing cars,” says Rachel Stark, attendance clerk.

Amber Young, administrative secretary, states, “The towing is a misconception. It will only happen if a student is parked illegally.”

Other staff members believe otherwise, including Gabrielle Allen, school officer. “It’s $2. That’s a half a gallon of gas. If you drive then you probably have enough money to afford gas. We’re going to put stickers on cars who don’t have passes and eventually we will start towing. It’s a safety issue…those stickers are for your own protection.”

Threat or not, students interviewed were very much in favor of towing.

“I think REV should start towing. It teaches responsibility,” senior Carlos Romero says, ”Students should be responsible for the consequences.”

Taylor Gonzales, senior, agrees. “It’s for safety reasons. There are already parking passes that you have to have.”

Logistics for towing are unclear. Towing close to the end of the school day could lead to more congestion, and deciding which cars to tow could be extremely complicated.

Regardless of the decision, senior Jillian Rickard has a solution. “There is the big parking lot on the east side of campus that is designated just for teachers. Barely any teachers park there. I think [REV] should open it up to students.”


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