Second standard in REV WAY focuses on doing the right thing


By MIA DELMONICO, Features Editor

Ethical: having moral values and being willing to accept a disadvantage in turn for being honest and choosing to do the right thing. This simple, yet complex word is the second standard set in the REV WAY and could potentially be one of the most difficult.

An example could be doing what is right even when others are not and living with the exclusion from peers that these actions could result in. As teenagers, this could be extremely hard, as most are in a place in life where they strive to be accepted by others and are willing to compromise their character to be liked and to fit in. Those who are ethical do what they feel the best thing is in a situation no matter what others think or how they are treated.

At Redlands East Valley, students once again have a difficult choice to make. They can do the right thing even though people might not approve or they can do the wrong thing, because “everyone is doing it”. As at any school, there are both types of people. The thing that makes being ethical so hard is that each and every situation is different and sometimes the right decision is unclear or other times they just simply fluctuate between choosing to be ethical one day and choosing not to the next day.

In addition,to this fluctuation some students are facing struggles at school and at home and are unsure of what choice to make. It is always important to remember that everyone is going through something in life, whether big or small,and it is always okay to ask for help from friends, family, counselors, and staff. These people can help remind kids of what it means to be ethical and that making the right choice is always best no matter the social results. They could also give insight on the importance of ethics in the real world and the advantages in the workplace could result due to having good, strong ethical values.

All in all, being ethical is one of the most difficult yet influential parts of the REV WAY. It is a key feature that both staff and students have accepted and work to improve on everyday. Though, as expected, there have been struggles, the standards that have been set are being shaped and formed to fit the newly-found needs and are being followed in order to make the everyday lives of students and staff better than ever before.

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