Orchestrating a masterpiece


Everyone has listened to music almost every day of one’s life, whether it is the background music in an Instagram tutorial, a party, or maybe even by going to a concert. However, at Redlands East Valley High School, a certain number people happen to play music every day.

REV has a superior, award-winning orchestra program that consists of two levels. One is called String Ensemble, and another is called String Orchestra. String Ensemble is the more advanced level and an audition is required to be accepted into this class.

Hollett, the band and orchestra conductor of REV, agreed to do an interview and elaborate on how orchestras get ready to perform difficult professional music that usually high school classes avoid.

“Orchestras need to be dedicated, cooperative, and have great teamwork in order to carry out a great concert that REV has been know to have,” Hollett says. “Performing all the students’ hard work is the best part [of playing in a concert] and it also showcases students’ enthusiasm and love for music.”

Jace Elliot, the concertmaster of REV’s String Ensemble, was happy to enlighten that students enjoy orchestra, because “We get to project all our emotions through the instruments we play. Whether it is stress or happiness.”

When observing how the orchestra interacts with each other, this all seems to be very true. The orchestra puts a great deal of effort into their playing, and they have great teamwork. Even when not playing their instruments, the laughter and positive energy was contagious.

One thing was pushing them forward, though: their concert. As Mr. Hollett said, it is their chance to showcase their efforts and show how ready they are to give it their all. Come to their combined concert “Evening of the Arts” on November 8 and be ready to be awed by how musicians show their passionate through the music.

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