“Special Kneads Bakery” bakes homemade bread to put smiles on teachers’ faces



On Sept. 14, 2017, Citrus Valley High School Special Education teacher Christine Hearon and her students spent one of many mornings baking delicious fresh bread for their bakery “Special Kneads.” A loaf is $5 each, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the students for their weekly outings, like watching movies and bowling.

Some of their most popular loafs include zucchini nut, banana, chocolate chip, with seasonal options for the holidays, like pumpkin spice.

“If you notice, everyone participates and nobody is left out. They do things independently. This is their bakery, and they love it,” says Hearon.

They sell and deliver their bread to teachers and staff around CVHS, happy to provide yummy baked goods to the community.

“Soon we are going to start selling coffee and muffins to the teachers during their collaboration days. We are very excited!” Hearon states.

These bakers love improving the days of CVHS teachers and staff, one delectable loaf at a time.

One thought on ““Special Kneads Bakery” bakes homemade bread to put smiles on teachers’ faces

  1. This is wonderful! Are there any plans for the public to be able to purchase the breads made by Ms. Hearon’s students? What a great way to support these students.

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