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Introducing Mental STEMulation

Mental STEMulation


Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Ipsa scientia potestas est,” or if you don’t speak Latin, “Knowledge itself is power.” Money is power, and time is money. Money, time, and knowledge are all the same, and linked by power.

Statistics show that there is a positive correlation between total schooling, and gross annual income. In addition, a study from the University of Edinburgh sampled a group of eleven year old students’ IQs and interviewed the same group after 60 years. The follow-up on these subjects showed that those with higher IQs tended to live longer. For example, the data shows that a 15-point IQ advantage yielded a 21 percent higher chance of survival at the age of 76. This shows that there is definitely a link between these idioms and real life scientific data.

With this established, can we definitely say that making more money will make one live longer? Can we say that over nine years, one will make more money than another who only has five years? Of course not. Surely these things are all linked, but ultimately in the end there will always be outliers, like. the man who is wealthy or who is extremely intelligent and dies young., yet has nothing to show for it. These cases do in fact exist, but are statistically not as likely to occur.

So what is the point of mental STEMulation? It is simple. This column intends to serve as a source of objective information on science, technology, engineering, and math. To expand the array of information accessible to the reader and thus allowing him or her to grow more intelligent. Knowledge is power, money is power and time is money.

Essentially, mental STEMulation is a giant experiment to see if my readers become rich and immortal. As always, more research is needed, but you can thank me later.

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