Stretch and Bobbito host eclectic podcast for NPR


National Public Radio is continuing to put out podcast after podcast, and one of their newest is not something that one would usually think of when thinking of NPR. What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito is a podcast where art and politics collide.

But it’s not the content that is weird, it is the people. Stretch and Bobbito are not just any radio hosts–they were the prominent hip hop radio hosts of the ‘90s. They were the gatekeepers of rap in New York and had rappers like Run DMC and The Notorious BIG freestyling on their show before they were famous.

Thirty years later, they are back together on public radio interviewing cultural icons in New York City. From Mahershala Ali to Chance the Rapper to Stevie Wonder, guests on their show discuss opinions and crack jokes all while listening to curated music, a tradition derived from their old show. Eddie Wang explained his hate for Michael Jordan shoes and Mahershala Ali freestyled a spoken word poem on the mic.

Their positive energy and contagious laughter along with their heart-to-heart interviews make the podcast a must-listen. Hosts Stretch and Bobbito bring their eclectic knowledge and unending charisma into a podcast like no other. With Mahershala Ali rapping, Eddie Wang ranting about Jordan shoes and Linda Sarsour explaining her life as an activist Stretch and Bobbito talk about it all.

What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito aired its first episode on July 11, 2017 and comes out every Tuesday morning on iTunes and other podcast aggregators.

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