The REV WAY begins with respect


By MIA DELMONICO, Features Editor

Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. This simple word contains the power to change people’s lives. This word is the primary quality that the REV Way, the new set of standards to improve the school outer community, focuses on.

It is a defining word in the sense that it changes the way people look at each other. If respect is shown to others it is almost always given back. If people treat others the way they want to be treated there would be a mutual respect between everyone. People would feel accepted rather than judged by how they look or act. For example several freshmen from REV have spoken out anonymously that they feel they have been integrated into a true family.

In a perfect world, all of these things would happen automatically, without strain. Unfortunately, the life of a teenager is far from perfect. Our high school has some faults, though these are expected when attending any school.

When most people think of high school they think of jocks and geeks, or popular kids and the weird kids. REV does have some of this separation, but as a whole, there is a sense of school unity. There is a feeling of pride to be a part of something so important that it flows through almost every Wildcat, similar to other high schools. That is the difference between following the REV WAY and choosing to ignore its significance: students can be proud to follow the standards set by staff and be willing to try new things and be flexible about the outcomes or they can choose not to.

Respect also ties in not only outside the classroom, but inside as well. Respect should be shown to teachers and staff by students and each other and students should also be respected. Once again, if respect is shown by both parties it is easier to be positive, make progress, and be more of an advocate. It also makes people feel better about themselves and want to interact with the people around them. It lightens the tension and replaces it with positive effects that allow students as well as staff to excel and continue growing and learning each day.

Overall, Redlands East Valley high school is a place that is constantly trying to improve. With its staff and students uniting to face problems and exceed expectations, they are nearly unstoppable. Each and everyday they try to show respect and almost always, in turn, become respected.

Though everyone struggles sometimes and faces challenges, the REV family has learned to endure and succeed. The REV WAY is a creative set of standards that encourages students to do good deeds even when no one is looking. These standards are an excellent way for anyone to shape their lives in a positive way.

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