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Summer trends re-imagine classic looks


Embroidery: A beautiful detail to accentuate tops, shoes, jeans, and even backpacks, embroidery of all kinds has become the latest craze of the summer. Ranging from pearls and diamonds to hand-stitched flowers and intricate stitches of different designs, embroidery adds the perfect amount of simplistic beauty to any item.


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Try it: Embroidery patches are available online on Amazon for $4.34.

Off- Shoulder Everything: From blouses to dresses, this summer was all about showing off those beautifully sun-kissed shoulders. An ideal look for a lunch out with friends or even a night out on the town, off- shoulder tops and dresses became one of the hottest fads this summer–it is easy to see why.

Try it: Off- Shoulder blouses and dresses are available virtually everywhere. Try out this cool trend while the weather is still hot.


Vivid Brights: From gorgeously vibrant reds, yellows and pinks to cool teals, greens and blues, bright colors made an eye-popping display this summer. On and off the runway, vivid colors came in the form of makeup and clothing, completely dominating summer wardrobes.


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Try it: Make a beautifully bold statement in the form of makeup! The Saharan Pallet by Juvia’s Place offers the perfect amount of cool tones and pops of color all in one pallet. Available at for $25.00.


Denim. Denim is always a trend, no matter the season; this summer, it came with a twist. In the form of skirts and tops, to even headbands and shoes, denim was especially trendy. Who said denim on denim is not a thing?


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Try it: Denim does not always mean jeans–skirts are just as cute. Available at H&M for $34.99.



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