Photos: Citrus Valley’s Comedy Sportz entertains in opening match


Copy of IMG_2908

JV referee DW Hernandez engages the audience at the beginning of the match


Copy of IMG_2912

DW explains the first game of the night, What are you Doing?

Copy of IMG_2975

In the first half of the Varsity match, Megan Hillard is confused at an audience member’s suggestion during Blind Line

Copy of IMG_2988

The red team celebrates a successful game of Blind Line when their scene finishes.

Copy of IMG_2997

Later on in the night, the blue team presents an Emotional Symphony

Copy of IMG_3017

As the match continues, a “mother” scolds her children when they are home later than their Curfew.

Copy of IMG_3034

In the blue team’s closing game of the half, Sarah Wilson and Tim Brown look as if they are going to fly away!

Copy of IMG_3076

The varisty referee, Matt Klimper, is proud of a well done first half.

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