Dope. Concrete jungle steals hearts



This is the word that describes my summer. While others spent the summer at home I was lucky enough to spend my July with New York City, the city that never sleeps.  I spent my summer in the freshman dorms of Barnard College with people from all over the world. My roommate was from Sydney, Australia, my classmate was from Istanbul, Turkey, and my best friend was from New Orleans, Louisiana. We were all there to study topics that interested us. While the topics ranged from physics to musical theater, I was able to study human rights and photography, two passions of mine. But the amazing classes were not the best part of being there. I was in the city.

Cookie dough, pizza, and pho were all around. Skateboards, bikes and taxis roamed the streets. Museums with contemporary art, museums with Van Gogh, and museums with greek statues were my classrooms. Spanish, French and English filled my ears. The city that never sleeps was my playground and I was a little kid in a candy store.

But now I’m home with all these hopes and dreams while my sister is in the place I was this summer. A sister that has always been my best friend. So, Maya, have fun, enjoy life, don’t spend an hour in line for cookie dough, it’s not worth it. Do all the things that will make you happy; in New York everything is at your fingertips.

And to anyone that is thinking about traveling to New York, please do. It’s a crazy city that is in need of every person that travels there.

The concrete jungle has stolen my heart and hopefully it can steal yours too.  

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