Blackhawks help save lives with blood drive


Saving lives, drops at a time. On Friday, Sept. 1 the Citrus Valley High School Associated Student Body held a blood drive for students over 15 years old. Each donation had the ability to save three adult lives or eight babies’ lives.


The annual blood drive arrived again at Citrus Valley in September, along with dozens of generous donors. Upon arriving, the donors are given a bottle of water and half of a sandwich to keep their blood sugars up so they are safe to donate. They are asked basic safety questions to ensure the health of both those donating and those receiving. Once the donation is completed, the donors are given gauze tape and a bow around their arm, and are encouraged to sit for 15 minutes and have snacks and drinks provided by ASB.

ASB remains continuously kind after the donation, carrying the donor’s bags and offering to get any of the snacks available. They regularly check in on the donors to ensure they are feeling well and healthy.

Life Stream, who collects the donations, is a nonprofit organization and has been serving the Inland Empire since 1951 and relies on the kindness of more than 500 donors daily.

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